Sugarhouse Health and Wellness

" I went to Dr. Elmore and he found a viral infection in my spine which had spread to my stomach. He recommended various supplements, herbs, minerals and roots. I was pleased with his genuine concern and felt like I was a priority. 

After two months of his recommended treatment my lymph nodes have gone back to normal size, I got my appetite back and feel better than before I was sick." -N.W.

​"Dr. Patterson has really helped me with my tinnitus (among other things). The ringing in my ear used to be pretty bad, after working with Dr. Patterson a few times it has since subsided. I cannot express my relief and gratitude."- Shamaine

106 lbs Lost! 

"To be honest I have never been a big believer in holistic medicine, eastern practice, muscle testing, emotion code, etc. However, I figured I had nothing to lose so I saw Dr. Elmore a few weeks ago for my hyperthyroidism. After a few quick tests he gave me some supplements to take. My hands are less shaky and sweaty, I've finally been able to put some weight on and I feel SO much better! Dr. Elmore and his staff are extremely professional and very nice. Great experience". - B. Eggli

"I have had sweaty hands my whole life! I have been to a bunch of different doctors and they couldn't do anything for them! I saw Dr Elmore and he took care of the problem! (: I no longer have to struggle with sweaty hands! Thanks Dr Elmore and Staff for always being so nice and welcoming! I would refer anyone to them"! -K. Taylor

"I was interested in having surgery, bypass, Lap band, I did not care at that point. I had high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, and swelling from water retention. Not to mention I felt like crap and could not move. My mother had just passed away and my emotional eating was out of control. I had visited Dr. Elmore off and on for many years but was not consistent in my efforts for natural wellness as it does take time and more effort than just swallowing a pill. Each time I visited Dr. Elmore I felt so good for a while then I would not go back. (I always took my mom to his office when she needed to go.) I had a hard time getting back to see Dr. Elmore after mom passed but once I started going again with the help of emotional healing and Shannon coming on board with Dr. Elmore, the nutritional supplements and the encouragement of all who work at “Sugarhouse Health and Wellness” I was able to pull myself out of the slump I was in and get busy taking care of me. I will continue to see Dr. Elmore for my personal health and wellness. I know without a doubt he and his staff have made a huge impact on my weight loss." -L. Jordan