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Nutritional Supplements

Our supplements are made from organic "whole foods" designed for use by qualified licensed health care professionals for a specific plan of care based on clinical findings and kinesiological testing.  Typical over-the-counter vitamins are pharmaceutically engineered chemical fractions of vitamins components reproduced in a laboratory.  They are not "whole foods" and the body does not actually recognize these as anything even vaguely beneficial (to put it mildly).

Because they are not made from whole foods, over-the -counter vitamins lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in whole foods.

Carrots, an example of a whole food, are high in Vitamin A Complex.  A "complex" is something made up of many different parts that work together.  Synthetic Vitamin A does not contain the whole "Vitamin A Complex" found in nature.  The synthesize the one component, beta-carotene and call the Vitamin A.  The same is true with Ascorbic Acid which is only one tiny fraction of Vitamin C.

"Whole food" supplements contain all of the active enzymes and vital components that make it work as Mother Nature intended.  These real food supplements match the need of the body.  These are nutrients you are simply not getting, or not assimilating in your current diet.

These deficiencies are due to both your eating habits and the lack of quality in the commercially-available foods in grocery stores and restaurants.

What About Those So-Called "Natural" Vitamins?

Vitamins that are being used commercially today only need to have a small percentage of their actual content derived from natural derived from natural sources to be labeled "natural".  If your vitamins are not derived from whole foods they often  make you even more deficient and nutritionally "out-of-balance".  They can create new health problems because they do not contain all the co-factors found in nature that make the vitamins effective.

Scientific studies done with these fractionated, synthetic vitamins repeatedly "prove' that synthetic vitamins don't do much good for anyone!  That is completely true when you are talking about the commercially manufactured pharmaceutical vitamin.  With whole foods, live vitamins, or supplements, it is an entirely different story.


Determining which supplements are needed is simplified using our specialized kinesiology technique.  We will address specific issues pertaining to you and may recommend changes in your diet, eating habits, and your daily routine in order to bring about the best possible results. We will create a therapeutic supplement plan that is customized for you based on our testing and clinical findings to restore balance and health.