Sugarhouse Health and Wellness

Dr. Elmore Pricing

​​​​​​​Initial Visit

16 Years of age and older 

60 Minute Visit, Cost$120.00 

0-15 Years of age 

30 Minute Visit, Cost $95.00

A$50.00 Deposit is Required at time of scheduling for all New Patients, or Patients who have not been seen within a year.

This Deposit goes towards the total cost of the visit but is Non-Refundable once the appointment is booked. Please note that if you cancel your scheduled appointment within 24 hours this is considered a "No Show". 

*** Cost is the same for In Office and Remote Visits***

We DO NOT accept or bill insurance. We do accept cash, check, credit/debit cards as well as Health Savings Account cards. 

For the scheduling deposit we can either take a credit card over the phone or you can come in directly to our office and pay the scheduling deposit. The new Patient Paperwork can be either downloaded from our site or you may arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete in the office. 

During your first visit, we will review your intake forms, discuss your reason for visit and expectations and give you a comprehensive evaluation using the Morphogenic Field Technique.  These tests detect nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, allergies, (organ, gland, tissue) needs, and immune system challenges. From these findings we will determine an individualized treatment program. Other techniques may be employed if determined necessary.

Follow Up Visits (30 minutes)
Cost $95.00 for Adults - $85.00 for Youth (0-15yrs) & Seniors 65 years and older

Most people begin to feel some improvement immediately, but time is generally necessary to see the healing process through.  Compliance and healthy lifestyle choices which we can assist you with will facilitate the healing process.  Your treatment program including supplemental supports and diet will be monitored and adjusted as you heal.  Some individuals may need to be seen weekly, however most programs require return visits in approximately three weeks to six weeks.

Activating and regeneration of the healing process takes time and follows your body's own natural rhythms.  Monitoring allows us to move step-by-step in the right direction as we address subsequent issues throughout the healing process.

***Please Note ****
If you havenotseen Dr. Elmore in over a year your chart will be archived and will be asked to fill out new patient paperwork. Dr. Elmore will require more time for this visit, the cost for the appointment is $120.00 same as the initial visit. A $50.00 Deposit is required at the time of scheduling. 

​Package Program (10 Visits) 

Package Cost  $800.00

When purchasing a package of (10) it reduces the price from $95.00 per visit to $80.00 for Returning patients (within a year of last visit). This will give you a great savings. Packages may be shared between family members and they never expire. All package purchases are final. Package programs cannot be exchanged between practitioners. 

Dr. Patterson Pricing

Initial Visit- 60 Minute Visit, Cost $85.00

Returning Follow Up- 30 Minute Visit, Cost $65.00

Package Program (5 Visits) 

Package Cost  $300.00

When purchasing a package of (5) it reduces the price from $65.00 per visit to $60.00 for Returning patients (within a year of last visit). This will give you a great savings. Packages may be shared between family members and they never expire. All package purchases are final. Package programs cannot be exchanged between practitioners.

We do our best to update and give notice of any price changes. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.